Nickolas Marinelli Photography | About
Nickolas Marinelli was the publisher of La Scintilla Italiana, an online news source for all things Italian in Northern California, and was also the former Northern California Editor for L’Italo-Americano, weekly newspaper. He regularly covered community events for both newspapers, both as a reporter and as a press photographer. The former Consul General of Italy has referred to him as the "...cronista della communità italiana," i.e., the chronicler of the Italian community.

Of the scores of photographs he would likely take at any given event, only one or two of them might ultimately appear in print. The remainder went unseen, even by the subjects of the photographs themselves. At the urging of those who asked to see his unpublished photographs, this website has been created.

Those wishing to obtain copies of these photographs now have the opportunity to do so, easily, quickly, and inexpensively. One hundred percent of the net proceeds derived from the sale of prints benefit non-profit organizations within the Italian Community.  Digital downloads are free.